FAQ: an effective marketing tool for digital businesses ?

There are many marketing techniques and strategies. With the extensive evolution of the digital world, digital marketing with its multiple methods is taking over more and more. One of the many digital marketing tools that entrepreneurs can use, whether their business is web-based or not, as long as it has a website, is the “FAQ”. Certainly if you are frequent on Google or other search engines, you will have an idea. But find out how it is an effective marketing tool here.

FAQ: How do you define it ?

The FAQ is defined as Frequently Asked Questions. It is a tool, a support allowing to gather on a page the relevant, essential questions most often asked by the visitors of a site or simply the Internet users. It allows site creators or developers to anticipate very important and necessary questions that their site’s visitors might ask, while proposing well-classified answers beforehand.

Why is it an effective digital marketing tool ?

The question deserves to be asked. How is the FAQ a marketing tool for businesses. But the answer is very simple and you will be convinced. Indeed, although it is a set of questions, the FAQ is more informative. It allows you to give quite a lot of useful information as we mentioned about products, brands, services or anything else about your company. It allows you to give more precision on certain things that visitors to your site need. Please note that the FAQ is not the “About” page because the latter is only used to present your site or company. But the FAQ allows you to list questions on the page that provide nothing but precise information that visitors did not have about your service, product, brand, etc.

The FAQ helps to remove some of the concerns that potential customers of your site may have about your services; relieves the site’s customer support by giving answers to the most common questions and also gains the trust of prospects by showing that you have their problems and concerns under control. In addition to all this, it is a strategy to improve your SEO, especially in the age of voice search which favours question and answer content.




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