All you Need to Know About Speed Cushions

Different countries have put across various traffic strategies to curb accidents by ensuring safe driving habits. Most of the strategies are meant to reduce traffic volume the speed of vehicles and ensure pedestrians are safe. In Europe, various traffic devices are used on roadways, crosswalks, roundabouts, traffic intersections, and pedestrian crossings. These devices include speed cushions, speed humps, speed bumps, road signs and many more. Read this discover our speed cushion guide to learn what speed cushions are and how beneficial they are to traffic.

What are Speed Cushions

Speed cushions are short, elevated devices installed in road lanes. They are designed in a way that they are somewhat wider than a regular car. As a result, drivers have to slow down when approaching the cushion and drive over the center to avoid discomfort. On the other hand, since buses are much wider, so they can be driven over a speed cushion without causing any discomfort to the passengers.

Advantages of Speed Cushions

The primary function of speed cushions is to enforce speed limits that slow down speeding cars on traffic lanes. They help calm traffic in pedestrian zones and other necessary areas. The significant benefits of speed cushions include:
• Slow down speeding vehicles-this is the main aim of installing speed cushions. They have an elevated surface and wheel cutouts, forcing cars to reduce speed by 20mph.
• Lower pedestrian deaths-since most speed cushions are placed in slow zones, school zones and pedestrian zones, they help maintain a reasonable distance between vehicles and pedestrians, reducing incidences of accidents.
• Emergency vehicles can pass quickly over a speed cushion, since they don’t need to reduce their speed.
• Motorists and cyclists can avoid the cushions by passing through the gaps, so they don’t have to reduce speed.
• Drainage isn’t affected because these cushions don’t hinder the movements of rainwater on a roadway or pavement.

Different Types of Speed Cushions

Speed cushions fall into different categories depending on the material used to build them. They are categorised into:
• Metal speed cushions
• Concrete speed cushions
• Plastic speed cushions
• Rubber speed cushions

What to look out for when buying speed cushions

If you’re planning to purchase a speed cushion, browsing through the different products online can be a difficult task. There are so many types of speed cushions that picking one can be confusing. However, in this discover our speed cushions guide, things have been made easier by highlighting the key things you should consider. These include:
• The size – speed cushions are available in different sizes, so you pick according to the road size, vehicle type and local standards.
• Design – different materials are used to design speed cushions such as rubber, plastic, concrete and metal. Each material has its unique characteristics, and you should pick the material as per the required speed limit, and traffic volume required.
• Local regulations – different countries have different regulations about how speed cushions should be placed, their installation and the size needed.
• The brand – there are so many brands out there, so you should check the credibility of each manufacturer before picking their product.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Are speed humps and speed cushions similar?
Speed humps are long raised sections on roads, placed perpendicular to the curb line, while speed cushions are short, elevated devices that installed in road lanes.
• Are speed cushions effective?
Yes, speed cushions effectively reduce speed, which has drastically reduced the rate of accidents.
• Why are speed cushions popular?
Speed cushions are becoming popular in Europe and worldwide because they effectively increase road safety.


Speed cushions are short, elevated devices that are in road lanes to increase road safety. Municipalities and transportation engineers install them to limit high speeds. They even use road markings, highway signs and street signs to make the speed cushions visible. Cushions have become popular because they effectively control speed in targeted zones, thus reducing the rate of accidents. Therefore, you should consider installing speed cushions to reduce the high speed of vehicles.

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